Friday, 1 February 2013

Week 4 Update

Good to chat to you again readers,

Lots of people have been ill this week so we haven’t had as many children in class as usual.

On Wednesday we did an Indian dance in the hall for P.E. We are doing the dances next Thursday for India day, when we will show them to our parents and carers. We were split into groups to make up the dances together. It was great fun!

This week we did homework, based on our topic of India. We spent all of our time on it. Some of us did models and some of us made booklets. Today we went around the other classes and looked at everybody’s homework. They were fabulous! Everybody had put a lot of time into their work and there were so many different creations.

In science, we got a piece of material and a torch. We shone the light at the material to see if it was good enough to make a curtain out of. We found out that stretchy leather was the best material to make a curtain out of because it blocked out most of the light. We can now tell you what transparent, opaque and translucent mean.

Linked to our science topic, we have been drawing and making shadow puppets in our Literacy lessons. We are writing our own play scripts for the shadow puppets and we are going to perform with our shadow puppets in front of our parents and carers during India day. We will post pictures soon, so be ready!
Cheerio readers


  1. Hi ash class,
    I'l find out some answers to the questions. I'l look forward to celebrating the end of our topic on India day.

    See you soon

  2. It'll be the end of our topic but not the end of our knowledge =)

    Any help with questions is very welcome, thank you!

  3. Over 2100 page and in 16 diffent countries well done ash class